The South Lantau Hash House Harriers meets once a month for a hash — a walk/run based on the British tradition of a ‘hounds and hares’ paper chase.

Two ‘hares’ go out and set a trail, either with chalk, flour, or shredded paper, and it is the job of the ‘hounds’ to try to find and follow the correct trail.

The hash is set with checkpoints and false trails, and often with variations for runners (Rambos) or walkers (Wimps), so no matter your physical, mental or spiritual fitness, there is a trail for everyone.

After the run, there are libations for all, with multiple beastly cold beers for down-downs.

SLH3 runs are $50 for adults and $20 for kids, which includes drinks


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Tsing Yi Run Sunday 28th of May

Another Overseas hash! SLH3 join WH3

Starting point: Tsing Yi Park at 16:00

SLOG and Pole Dancer will lay a trail A to A so wimps and rambos can be totally foxed up! More direction to follow

ON ON!!!!20140524_165540



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SLH3 Run #37 MA WAN 15:00 11th March


Pack your Passport, Get your shots, Travel Light: SLH3 is going Overseas!!!

Virgin Territory, Ancient Ruins, Spectacular views, Clever Run and Cold Beer!

Start: On the Beach near OMA’s Restaurant at 15:00

Transport: Ferry from Pier 2 to Park Island or MTR to Tsing Yi ) Exit C1 – Green and Yellow bus #330 – get off at first stop and head down to the beach

For English call Slog 96853697


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FRIDAY HASH Catch the Bucket! 7.00 PM 24th Feb- Mui Wo Lantau

SLH3 will set historic run for HKFH3! Using a carefully restored beer wagon, fitted with high visibility tracking devices, the hares have cleverly enabled a trail of Wild Willie’s Wet Whistle Waits for the hounds to enjoy!

19:00 Start! Take 18:30 Fast Ferry from Pier 6 to Mui Wo….follow trail to start near Seafood Restaurants.
Bags will be locked in Sloggy’s car
Usual HKFH3 rules..almost!
RSVP if you can…just in case we run out of ice…
On On
The Hares
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SLH3 – Run #35- 3RD DEC – TIME 15:00 – Shek Pik Reservoir

As you know (or not?) the SLH3 run on the 26th was postponed due weather – just as well as the unhappy Hares would have been alone on that beach with all the beer!!


When: Usual time 3PM SAT 3RD DEC (note the change in date & time!)


Where: At the start of Shek Pik Reservoir wall. Parking available.

A to B Run – Shek Pik Reservoir to Tai Long Wan Tsuen – See map.


What: Great mixture of trails and views. Beautiful Beach (recently cleaned 26th, heh heh!) and even a Temple at B. Waah!

Bags will be taken to B. Wimps 4-6 km. Rambos 6-8 km


How: By Car, Taxi or Bus (Take # 11or # 23 bus from TC or # 1 from Mui Wo to TAI O. Allow at least 40 mins -60 mins travelling time – get the bus early!! (Two can ride minimum.)

Important: Get off at the BEGINNING of the dam wall! See pic! Parking available.)


ONONON: After the run -SLH3 Circle and then Beach BBQ!!! Beer, Babes and Boerewors on the Beach…what could be better?

Any problems call me 9685 3697

Definitely the Run of the Year!

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SLH3 Run #34: Tung Chung at 4.00 p.m

Dear Hashers All,

WHAT: A North Lantau Run…promises of virgin trail, romantic views (and sunsets…for the thick, lame & lazy) plus seats and toilets. (What’s next – umbrellas in drinks?) and… OH YES!  Blizzard Cold Beer, Free Massages (DIY), Mildly irritating Circle and more irritating Drinking, Sinking und Singing. Men; HK$60, Women who drink like men: HK$40, Children who don’t drink: HK$20 (children who do drink: shame on you and see Men’s rates!!), Galumphs, since 1872, ‘to prance about in a self-satisfied manner’, according to Lewis Carroll, i.e.  those who don’t go out on trail, at all, or shortcut back to the Bucket to guzzle the beers: HK$70!! Cheeky bludgers!)


Dog F**K, of ‘KH3 experience’, will provide…a run that will be an A to A, with a hard (well semi-hard, after all it is by KH3 standards??), but a scenic Rambo 7.7 K (420M elevation take camera for good HKIA shots) and normal Wimps 7.6 K with less elevation and walkers can follow the IN Trail as far as they like and about turn.


WHEN: SATURDAY 24th SEP 16:00 (4PM, GM!)


WHERE: See attached street view and google map link.  https://goo.gl/maps/VwhkNPd4VwR2  https://goo.gl/maps/VwhkNPd4VwR2

and for the IT challenged in un-joined-up-writing –

THE FOOTBALL PITCH on Man Tung Road Tung Chung opposite Caribbean Coast Tower 6 , Tung Chung North Park) (Explicit Directions: Tung Chung MTR (Exit D) – Turn left inside Citigate Centre (aircon route) –

Up the escalator – 2 levels – Head across walkway towards Carribean Coast  Drop down to Man Tung Road (end of aircon)- turn right -walk until you see tall orange man icon or football field, whichever first.. (don’t expect grass – if you are new to Hong Kong!)


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20th of August: Run#33 The Mafia part 2


Segreto- (Shhhh) There isa thees rumor about Don Silencio (the NY Silencer), he come to town to meet the HK capo to discuss beer supply and taking overview the South Lantau, to start with ….

Out of respect, ALL must wear innocente black and standard baffi sotilli (Theen mostache, eh) disguise!

Dove? (Where?)

The Famiglia will meet in the open in the Park near the Tung Chung Ferry Pier Quando? (When?)at 4:30pm pronto

Come?(How?)The Consigliere will give the orders!!

Femminucce (wimps) 4-6km

Macho (Rambo) 6-8km

La politico armi? (Weapons policy) Bring your own.


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31st of July: Kia Oro Piapia Pakeha (G’day Ya DrinkingBluddyForeigners),

I neither confirm or deny this ‘All Black” Whakanui (party!)

But… should you be appropriately attired (B&W), you may be forced through the green hills, past golden beaches, under blue skies and drenched in amber nectar.

Being a Sunday, the faithful kuri (dogs), will no doubt enjoy the pastoral care of the Religious Advisors and the strains of the Choral Ensemble!

Not a bad way to watch the sun go down…

The overseas pack should take the 15:50 Hohoro Reti (Fast Canoe) or the 15:10 – for a pre-lube at the China Bear, where the local SLH3 Nuinga (people) will gather at 16:30 to hear the wisdom of the Mohio Purahorua Rapeti (Clever Scout Rabbit) before setting off on the whati (run or go walk-about, mate!)

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