SLH3 Run #34: Tung Chung at 4.00 p.m

Dear Hashers All,

WHAT: A North Lantau Run…promises of virgin trail, romantic views (and sunsets…for the thick, lame & lazy) plus seats and toilets. (What’s next – umbrellas in drinks?) and… OH YES!  Blizzard Cold Beer, Free Massages (DIY), Mildly irritating Circle and more irritating Drinking, Sinking und Singing. Men; HK$60, Women who drink like men: HK$40, Children who don’t drink: HK$20 (children who do drink: shame on you and see Men’s rates!!), Galumphs, since 1872, ‘to prance about in a self-satisfied manner’, according to Lewis Carroll, i.e.  those who don’t go out on trail, at all, or shortcut back to the Bucket to guzzle the beers: HK$70!! Cheeky bludgers!)


Dog F**K, of ‘KH3 experience’, will provide…a run that will be an A to A, with a hard (well semi-hard, after all it is by KH3 standards??), but a scenic Rambo 7.7 K (420M elevation take camera for good HKIA shots) and normal Wimps 7.6 K with less elevation and walkers can follow the IN Trail as far as they like and about turn.


WHEN: SATURDAY 24th SEP 16:00 (4PM, GM!)


WHERE: See attached street view and google map link.

and for the IT challenged in un-joined-up-writing –

THE FOOTBALL PITCH on Man Tung Road Tung Chung opposite Caribbean Coast Tower 6 , Tung Chung North Park) (Explicit Directions: Tung Chung MTR (Exit D) – Turn left inside Citigate Centre (aircon route) –

Up the escalator – 2 levels – Head across walkway towards Carribean Coast  Drop down to Man Tung Road (end of aircon)- turn right -walk until you see tall orange man icon or football field, whichever first.. (don’t expect grass – if you are new to Hong Kong!)


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