SLH3 Run #46 Mui Wo 4:30pm 5th Aug

Dear Hashers all,

Exploring the Mud of Mui Wo, is the theme for this A to A run though as the hare is Dr Lap Sap we no doubt will stumble across recycling and strange beer.



The starting point is the  sitting out area near the Mui Wo Post office, the pedestrian crossing and the footbridge across the Silver river. Starting about 4:30 so hopefully it is a little cooler, be prepared for wet feet and muddy hooves!


Bring your own water bottles, we’ll provide the water – save the planet!
From Central the Fast Ferries:  Departs 15:10 arrives 15:40 and departs 15:50 arrives 16:20 – a quick  walk will get you there on time. From Tung Chung take the 3M – leaves every 30 mins and takes 40-45 mins.


Any tricky questions call Dr Lap Sap on 9156 9573

oN oN


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