SLH3 – Run #35- 3RD DEC – TIME 15:00 – Shek Pik Reservoir

As you know (or not?) the SLH3 run on the 26th was postponed due weather – just as well as the unhappy Hares would have been alone on that beach with all the beer!!


When: Usual time 3PM SAT 3RD DEC (note the change in date & time!)


Where: At the start of Shek Pik Reservoir wall. Parking available.

A to B Run – Shek Pik Reservoir to Tai Long Wan Tsuen – See map.


What: Great mixture of trails and views. Beautiful Beach (recently cleaned 26th, heh heh!) and even a Temple at B. Waah!

Bags will be taken to B. Wimps 4-6 km. Rambos 6-8 km


How: By Car, Taxi or Bus (Take # 11or # 23 bus from TC or # 1 from Mui Wo to TAI O. Allow at least 40 mins -60 mins travelling time – get the bus early!! (Two can ride minimum.)

Important: Get off at the BEGINNING of the dam wall! See pic! Parking available.)


ONONON: After the run -SLH3 Circle and then Beach BBQ!!! Beer, Babes and Boerewors on the Beach…what could be better?

Any problems call me 9685 3697

Definitely the Run of the Year!

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