20th of August: Run#33 The Mafia part 2


Segreto- (Shhhh) There isa thees rumor about Don Silencio (the NY Silencer), he come to town to meet the HK capo to discuss beer supply and taking overview the South Lantau, to start with ….

Out of respect, ALL must wear innocente black and standard baffi sotilli (Theen mostache, eh) disguise!

Dove? (Where?)

The Famiglia will meet in the open in the Park near the Tung Chung Ferry Pier Quando? (When?)at 4:30pm pronto

Come?(How?)The Consigliere will give the orders!!

Femminucce (wimps) 4-6km

Macho (Rambo) 6-8km

La politico armi? (Weapons policy) Bring your own.


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