31st of July: Kia Oro Piapia Pakeha (G’day Ya DrinkingBluddyForeigners),

I neither confirm or deny this ‘All Black” Whakanui (party!)

But… should you be appropriately attired (B&W), you may be forced through the green hills, past golden beaches, under blue skies and drenched in amber nectar.

Being a Sunday, the faithful kuri (dogs), will no doubt enjoy the pastoral care of the Religious Advisors and the strains of the Choral Ensemble!

Not a bad way to watch the sun go down…

The overseas pack should take the 15:50 Hohoro Reti (Fast Canoe) or the 15:10 – for a pre-lube at the China Bear, where the local SLH3 Nuinga (people) will gather at 16:30 to hear the wisdom of the Mohio Purahorua Rapeti (Clever Scout Rabbit) before setting off on the whati (run or go walk-about, mate!)

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