9th April Run- SLH3 Away trip to Cheung Chau

RUN #28
DATE:  Saturday 9th April
LOCATION: Cheung Chau
TIME: 3.00 pm start, please show up 15 mins early
HARES: Swing Long -Mark Sex-Kinda.


Run Description:


This month’s run is the Away Trip to Cheung Chau, an A-to-B run from the smaller pier A to the main pier B. Some great trails planned by hares Swing Long -Mark Sex-Kinda. Bash after planned somewhere new – not the traditional CC food- no Bun fight.


  • From Mui Wo, take ferry 14:00 to Cheung Chau
  • From DB take 13:15 ferry to Mui Wu then 14:00 to Cheung Chau
  • from Central 14:00 slow or 14:15 fast

Confirmation by email or on Facebook page appreciated.

For more info please email SLH3@gmx.com and find SLH3 on Facebook too!

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