Run 21 – Diary of a Wimpy Hash

You know a run was too easy when one of those goddam FRBs (front running bastards) makes it to the end point before you even have time to drive the car down the hill, park, and get out the cooler. That said, when it is 35’C, perhaps the hounds should be grateful that the hares were so kind and merciful, with a short, easy, mostly downhill run from Nam Shan into Mui Wo.

Those who thought it a bit too boring/unchallenging found themselves challenged in the circle, when Slog presented all present with hymn sheets, and led us in a rousing chorus of hash songs. Parkie in particular regaled the crowd with stories of immaculate conceptions as he welcomed back his son, now based in Burma. There were a few new shoes and some virgins, as well as some christenings.


Long-time hasher and all around trail expert, Ah Duk, was given his own SLH3 name, Toilet Duck


One of the Tung Chung bella damas (who later revealed she is severely allergic to gluten) also got flour on her head, taking the name Bunga Bunga.  And this chap whose name I cannot remember revealed that he recently moved out of DB, and was promptly named Sextradited.



Next run promises to be much harder, with Anal Invitation setting a run in DB and promising revenge for SLH3 setting such a wimpy run. See details above and ON ON in September.

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