Run 20 – The Mafia Black Hash Run

Run 20 – July 11th, 2015
Location – Tung Chung
Hares – Uzzi, Silencio and PeePee

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgThe Unofficial but Totally Real Italian Mafia of Tung Chung organised a Black Hash run, and perhaps with a hint of true Sicilian sadism, they told the unwitting hashers that if they don’t wear black, they gonna fixa your face, okay, tough guy?

Wear black…….. in 35’C at 3pm in the afternoon in July with 100% humidity. Sheesh! Gimme a break!

Taking the runners scrambling across the rocks and through the old fishing village, this A to B run was thankfully pretty flat, and ended up by New Tung Chung Hang where a group of young basketballers were not impressed by our presence on the court, drinking beer and eating pasta. But they didn’t dare come up against the Mafia, what with their mustaches, machine guns, and shots of limoncello.

The virgins had a nice first run which was not too hard, and SLH3 also said a sad farewell to Legally Blond who is moving with her soon-to-be-husband to the UK. We wish them all the best and happy trails at their future hash.

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1 Response to Run 20 – The Mafia Black Hash Run

  1. Swing low says:

    Thanks for write up of a well planned hash run. Thanks to Mafia for the food.

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