Run 17 – Shui Hau

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 17:  January 31
HARES: Swing Low & Mark Sex

Start/Finish at “basketball court” (BBC) 150m East of village (towards Tong Fuk) where the Kite Surf community access the beach. Bus stops nearby, a long/short split, varied terrain, great views and refreshments after…that was the hares’ vision.

This is what happened…

As previously advised, we took Tai O bus from Mui Wo after boat from DB, looking carefully from the front of the bus for BBC. Unfortunately, off at the wrong bus stop…seeing BBC and pressing bell too late. A quick phone call to Mark Sex. (Hello where do we go ) MS. “I’m stuck in the bush find it yourself”! Unfazed and veteran hashers, we soon found the trail and followed it in reverse across the beach to the start, where a lonely virgin hasher, Brian, was looking lost. We assured him he was at the correct spot…albeit no sign of the hares at A, a 5-side football pitch (FP)…not BBC!

After 15 minutes or so, Swing Low arrived at the start looking confused and unbalanced “she’s in there somewhere in the bush”. As we waited, along came Sol, a previous SLH3 hasher…chatting, we wondered where all others where?…thinking of the Italians, but no sign…maybe lost in translation! Eventually, MS arrived under escort of three walkers, who found who? (we wondered!)

Despite trying but failing to recruit them as new members, Swing Low decided we had waited long enough…and after briefing the mini pack, all 4 of us set off across the beach, with Park’n Shop leading and shouting ON…ON as the kite surfers looked on at this sad but enthusiastic sight!

Squelching through the mushy stuff onto a path, checks were soon sorted and trail marks diligently explained to Brian, who appeared to be taking mental notes for a thesis! But he is Irish! Then across the road and On On up a path via mini construction sites of village house renovations…and then steps up, up, up, to the catchment, where legal athlete Sol took the Wimps/Walkers trail. Being a lawyer and without a fee, he could not be persuaded to join the Rambo pack of three!

Running into the finish MS, SL (with his menacingly sharp shears) and learned friend Sol were well into the beer. On the edge of the FP we were gratefully guzzling the cold beer when a mature looking football team turned up…we were on their pitch! So with good humour we tucked ourselves into the corner to watch the game and cheer on a red shirted Steve Gerard, who never walked alone. Then the Police arrived to arrest us?…no to set up a radar trap for speeders! Later as we vacated our drinking den, finishing with a photo shoot and good banter from Asia’s finest, we hopped on a timely Mui Wo bus to enjoy more fun at the cooked food hall before taking the DB boat home.

Despite small numbers… a great trail and different après run sights and entertainment! Well done Hares.

ON…ON… Park’n Shop and Parky!

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