Run 16 – SLH3 Santa Hash

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 16 – December 13th, 2014
LOCATION: Cheung Sha Beach

Our 16th run took a troop of elves and bobbling reindeers through sand and cow pats, up merry mountains, scrambling across rocks, and dodging vicious village dogs all along Cheung Sha beach and in the surrounding hills.

Rambos were given a run for their money, and the wimps all came back claiming that it was the least wimpy run they’d done for a long time. Those with bad backs, deficient personalities and geriatric dogs were even offered a super, ultra wimps trail.

Upon the hashers’ return to the hash site, outside the now abandoned Stoep restaurant, one and all were greeted with particularly strong jello shots, and a wide variety of things to munch on, kindly provided by Slog and Mrs. Claus.

Somehow, Santa was able to acquire a South Lantau Permit for his sleigh, and managed to come visit our humble hash to deliver gifts. But with just one requirement, one and all had to perch precariously on what he referred to as his knee.

Then it was time for a baptism – Marleen was called into the circle and finally given a hash name, having proven herself on five runs. But what did we know about Marleen? It was revealed that she is from Holland but lived in Canada, is proud to be Dutch but hates Dutch cheese, and has a lovely dog named Indi, like Indiana Jones (“he named me after the dog”, Harrison Ford said in the movie). Some said she was No Gouda, but finally someone called out the stupidest name anyone could think of – Easy Peasey Indi Cheesey – and naturally, that was the one that stuck. Marleen however was not too disappointed, as the name does form the acronym E.P.I.C.

It was then revealed, to much weeping and wailing and gnashing of jello shots, that Slog would be stepping down as our unofficial GM for 2015. Slog tried nominating Parkie, who at first accepted, but in the end decided not to take up the GM role.

Therefore, heading into 2015, SLH3 will be a loosely disorganised group without an official GM, but have no fear, as a number of ‘deputy GMs’ have been unofficially appointed to help get things rolling.

At our future hashes, the hares will be responsible for starting off the circle, and all hashers are welcome and encouraged to jump in to the circle whenever they feel the need to call people in for discretions, including but not limited to peeing on trail, snoggling on trail, short cutting on trail, reccing on trail, and so forth.

Thanks to Slog and George Harrison for organising a nicely challenging run, and for the party afterwards.

On On in 2015!

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