Run 15 – Peng Chau

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN #15: December 6th, 2014
LOCATION: Peng Chau Island
HARES: Swing Low and Mark Sex

For the first time ever in the long, proud history of Peng Chau, the sweet and shrill sound of bagpipes echoed across the island, calling all rambos, wimps, village dogs and Lesser Spotted Eastern Haggises out to the day’s run.

Swing Low and Mark Sex set a beautiful and well paved run through the island, with the added competitive edge of hiding two wee stuffed Haggises in the bushes. One was apparently stolen by local pirates, which led the younger hashers in the group to vow revenge.


There was not only authentic and slightly edible haggis proffered up to the clan of hashers present that day, along with tatties and neeps and a ‘special gravy’ from the mythical highlands of Scotland, but also the honourable time-treasured tradition of reciting poetry after a run, with many rolled Rrrs.

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