Run #14 – Tung Chung

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 14: 15 NOVEMBER 2014
LOCATION: Tung Chung
HARES: Smells Fishy and X-Box

Hong Kong enjoys a lot of freedoms, including the right to protest, but the right to put chalk on a walkway is not one of them. No offense was meant, but the hares accidentally set the security guards and cleaning amahs on high alert after it was noted that extremely dangerous Weapons of Mass Direction, namely chalk, were being used by Tung Chung crescent.

Within minutes, men with tiny walkie talkies had been dispatched. Chinese Laundry, who does like to do a good washing, tried to help the situation by angrily pouring some of his pre-run Guinness on the chalk, trying to convince them that said chalk would indeed come off and was not in any way permanent. Not to be deterred, the men with walkie talkies ushered us out of the way, and promptly got our markings removed, much to the relief of the vulnerable residents of Tung Chung Crescent.


Despite that initial disruption, the run went off without a hitch, with runners coming in at around 45 minutes and walkers back in roughly an hour. Route was just over 5K, mostly flat except for the initial heart attack inducing climb up the hill. Lovely views of the bay and the tiny fishing villages that once ruled the roost before Yat Tung and Citygate were dreamed up.


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