Run #13 – The Crazy Hats Run

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN #13: September 13th, 2014

“Mummy mummy, which Disney movie is that ugly monster from?” the little girl asked.

image“That’s not a monster, dear. That’s just a crazy gwailo with a banana leaf on his head. Now come on, don’t get too close. He might try to eat you or something.”

Hai ho, hai ho, it’s off to Hash we go! Run #13 took place at Disneyland and Peepee and Pole Dancer delivered a whopping 8.2km. Yet there were no short cutting bastards and very little grumbling, and everyone completed the entire route, including the little tykes who joined in. The trail took the hounds behind Disneyland and along the beautiful waterfront which fantastic views of HK Island and Kowloon. The chalk, rice, and red ribbon proved to be a bit too much for some hashers who got a bit lost but made it back on route. Pole Dancer indeed won the prize for Most Original Hat and got extra points for the fact that it was eco-friendly and completely bio-degradable, much like his personality. There was slight snogging on the trail and a wee bit of husband sharing but nobody seemed to mind too much. After the run, the hares were kind enough to arrange a hot dog party for the hungry, sweaty, tired hashers.

An album of pictures taken by the Front Running Bastards can be found by clicking HERE.

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1 Response to Run #13 – The Crazy Hats Run

  1. Pole dancer (Tony Snelgar) says:

    Just a great wopping big thank you to all the SLH3 participants in the Disney Crazy Hat Hash ! What an amazing turn out! Also a HUMUNGUS thanks to Timethius (TIM THANE) who provided all the logistics: (Vehicle, gas burner for hot dogs, hot diggidy hot dogs themselves, refreshments (Beers) tables, etc. etc. etc. And hosted the “Down Downs” to his usual bulldust standard!

    Unfortunately there only seems to be one picture of him available on the website…but lets see what else we can come up with! HaHa!

    Lastly I personally want to make an “itsybittsy teenyweeny” apology for a dearth of flour and on ons in some parts of the trail. I’m proud of all of you coping so well!


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