Run #11 – Sausage Party and New Baptisms

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 11 –  June 14th, 2014
HARES: X-Box and Smells Fishy

Run #11 had a little bit of everything: a little bit of spider slaughtering, a little bit of tombstone scrambling, a little bit of river crossing, and a little bit of bush whacking, and a whole bunch of baptisms. Just shy of 5k, in this heat, you don’t want anything longer and harder anyways. No pun intended.


Only one person got stung by wasps, which is a new record. But perhaps they heard Motor Mouth coming from a mile away and decided to take decisive action. After all, she was doing a big no-no: she was recceing while on someone else’s hash! Has she never heard of Google Maps?


The Italian mafia, in true European style, showed up late, started late, and came in late. But did they complain? No, they stuck to their code of silence and said nothing. Or should it be say naaaaathing? Who knows, maybe Stefano doesn’t say much because they’re too busy snogging on the trail. Nonetheless, he was thus baptised Silencio. Better be careful, or you’ll find yourself sleeping with the fishes.


Venus found out that she can’t be a weiner all the time when she got called in to the circle and given a cold shower. We threw around a few names — Ten Little Sausages, Spicy Sausage, Sausage Party — but in the end she was dubbed Spice Girl.


Tony had been masquerading under the alias of Pole Dancer, but then was reminded that he in fact had not been properly baptised. So lickety split, up the nearest pole he went, and in what was a first for the hash, he was baptised four feet in the air.


Here are a few more shots from the trail and the circle.

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