Run #10 – The Ten Temples Run

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 10 – May 24th, 2014
LOCATION: Tsing Yi Park
HARES: Pole Dancer and Slog

‘Tsing Yi?’ they cried. ‘That’s just too far! This is Hong Kong, dammit!’  Indeed, the true wimps were not the ones who decided to avoid the rambo route, but the ones who dared not venture off of Lantau to crawl down into the freezing bowels of the MTR. And they truly missed out on a hash that was full of hairy caterpillars and inside out underwear, pesticide in the sky and pole dancers on the ground, mafioso and mild mannered madams by the name of Mary.

SLH3 also celebrated it’s first double-digit run (Isn’t it fun, as a new hash? We have so many things to celebrate. First lucky number run. First double digit run. First lawsuit. Etc.) by having wee cups of Amarula, smuggled in on a CX flight from South Africa and, according to Slog, made from the very finest Elephant pistle in the land. Oh, and one more thing. There were only eight temples in the end! Some are calling for their money back.

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