Run #3 – Tai O

cropped-slhlogo2.jpgRUN 3 – OCTOBER 12th, 2014

No shortage of visual stimulation during this run in Lantau’s most remote and unique village. A run that sent the hashers through tiny gardens, along the river, and up one hell of a mountain to ‘see the dolphins’…. a dirty trick by the hares, as the dolphins turned out to be a big statue!

Slight confusion going through the stilt houses, as the trail suddenly came to an end. No one could find more chalk or flour anywhere. After about ten minutes, finally we saw the culprit — a maid with a mop and a bucket who had been sent to clean up the floor. She sheepishly pointed us in the right direction.

Dried seafood galore and rich smells to accompany it. All washed down with cold beers as the sun set on a glorious day on Lantau.

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