Recent Baptisms

At Run #8, it only seemed right that Merrin, the only hasher amongst us who began hashing in the most unlikely environment — the snow of Antarctica — got officially baptized. But what do we know about Merrin? He is an environmentalist and a defender of the earth, devoted to helping stop mankind’s slow but steady destruction. It was revealed that Merrin is also a doctor; not the ‘let me squeeze your boobs to see if you have breast cancer’ kind of doctor, but an intellectual Phd kind of doctor. After tossing about a number of possible names, Motor Mouth Maggie, who had just chugged a hot Bear Beer from the potty, happened to shout out something surprisingly sensible — “he’s worried about the lap sap. Lap sap is the garbage”. So, Merrin got a good head wetting and was christened “Dr. Lap Sap”.

Dr. Lap Sap never forgets to recycle all the beer cans at the hash

Dr. Lap Sap never forgets to recycle all the beer cans at the hash

Meanwhile, Kyoko, who claimed she had twisted her ankle and was unable to run, seemed quite able to do a provocative dance while switching hash shirts with Hopeless. (The shirt looked much better on her than on Hopeless’s beer belly) She was also called into the circle to be named under the monicker Minnehaha.  “But… I am Japanese” she protested. Despite having no relation to the Native American tribes, and despite the fact that Mamasan looks nothing like Hiawatha, she accepted her new hash name.

Minnehaha is, in fact, not a Native American

Minnehaha is, in fact, not a Native American

Only on his second run ever, Atiba was next in line for a christening after proving himself to be a natural Front Running Bastard from the get-go. The circle questioned him about his abilities, and threw out a few ideas. The Trinidadian-born gent has an incredible mix of genes, including Carib (native tribe) and Chinese and French. A much lesser interesting fact that any time, day or night, if you walk by Atiba’s apartment, he is doing laundry. Thus, ‘Chinese Laundry’ was born.


Likes to do laundry, does he? Well he has no choice now with all that warm beer all over his shirt

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